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Prof. Dr. James Neiman is a deeply experienced technical writer with over 30 years of developer experience, possessing the highest levels of formal education in Computer Science and extensive experience in software engineering. He and his team of highly experienced engineer writers deliver API reference documentation and task-based how-to content to a developer/programmer audience, with recent experience on major enterprise platforms, mobile devices, and web services. James Neiman Consulting, Inc. produces outstanding task-based content from software samples in a wide range of programming languages, and can produce code samples as needed. Dr. Neiman works extremely well with engineering teams, speaks with them on their own terms, and works comfortably with their tooling and development systems on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms. He works very well with documentation teams, offering immediate productivity and deep experience with virtually all authoring systems in existence today.


He works very effectively with product management and documentation teams, providing thought leadership in content architecture and messaging on a strategic and competitive level. He has thrilled customers at Google, DJI, Tokbox, Ooyala, Adobe Systems, Beats Music, Continuuity, Sony Playstation, Sybase, PayPal, Visa, Cisco, Juniper, Hewlett Packard, Magnet Systems, VMware, Mesosphere, Apttus, Ever AI, Maxta, Hearsay and numerous other software companies, where he documented their enterprise products, big data platforms, compiler toolchains, web services, mobile client SDKs, network automation software, and many other SDK offerings.


Dr. Neiman is a former software developer, and has authored thousands of pages of technical manuals as well as university level programming textbooks. He has a strong scientific and mathematical background, and spent 11 years teaching doctoral students as a lead faculty member in the field of Computer Science. His teaching skills and software development experience enable him to produce world class, modern API and SDK documentation that add high value and high impact to your product offering.


His greatest talents are his abilities to rapidly understand and support programming efforts, producing technical specifications and code samples based on product requirements and the highest impact use cases. He has a longstanding reputation for making difficult subjects clear and easy to understand, and his leadership role in documentation efforts helps unify efforts toward consistency and content architecture for API and SDK documentation.


He is deeply experienced with Xcode development, the Microsoft .NET Framework, Swift, Objective C, C++, C# Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, Go, JavaScript, and a wide variety of other languages. He is fluent with Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms and development environments. He was commissioned by Thomson Publishing to write a series of textbooks on the .NET programming languages, which have been marketed and distributed to commercial booksellers and educational institutions worldwide since 2004.


Dr. Neiman earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and his research was directed toward the area of Web Services. His research contributed substantively to the international effort to improve the SOAP-based XML standard for the delivery of Web Services. He has since pioneered efforts to create modern documentation content for web services, and can guide your company to produce extremely effective and attractive REST or SOAP API descriptions complete with working samples. He can share a wide range of impactful writing samples that have proven to be of great value to the companies that retained his services.


His extensive education and background in software engineering make him extremely valuable to your projects, and he will come up to speed on your company’s products very quickly. Because of his experience as a software engineer and continuing leadership on documentation projects, he is able to understand the way both your developer customers and your own software engineers work and think, and will work well with your product management team, focusing on their primary use cases and priorities. He is comfortable working in both small and large team settings, on both agile teams and traditional waterfall teams, and will be able to support the coding efforts of your engineering and QA teams with complete and meaningful documentation and samples for your customers.


Engineering teams have continued to welcome his presence because they feel comfortable talking with him and secure in the knowledge that he will represent their interests with diligence and accuracy. His ability to understand engineers on their terms also makes him a valuable bridge between them and other professionals who need to maintain their code, use their software, or create documentation.


The skills and experience he brings to your company enable him to help you on several important dimensions. He can be of value to management in terms of product efficiency and scalability, to your customers in terms of documentation and reduced support call volume, and to your engineering needs because of his ability to help your product management and engineering teams deliver a high quality product with world class support.


James Neiman Consulting, Inc. possesses a unique combination of technical and business skills that are essential to aligning engineering efforts and customer needs with your products.





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