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James Neiman, Ph.D., President of James Neiman Consulting, Inc., is a deeply experienced technical writer who delivers world-class API specifications and task-based content for a software developer audience.



Bringing on a consultant on a corp-to-corp basis, especially with an S-corp carrying general and professional liability insurance, is an ideal way to get your projects moving quickly and safely, increasing product scalability, minimizing operational costs, and completely eliminating all concerns about employee classification.


Dr. Neiman specializes in developer-focused documentation, delivering API References, task-based developer guides, programming samples, white papers, and content architecture recommendations that are proven and highly effective. For many years he has thrilled clients at companies of all sizes with rapid ramp-up, significantly enhanced project value, and consistent on-time delivery even with critical and aggressive schedules.


James Neiman offers unsurpassed value to your organization, bringing over 30 years of combined technical writing and software development experience to your team. Using his special talent for teaching, he has authored thousands of pages of technical manuals for a developer audience, making otherwise difficult subjects accessible to a wide range of customers.


A former university professor, he was nationally acclaimed as an outstanding instructor with a strong scientific and mathematical background, and helped hundreds of researchers successfully accomplish their goals in MBA and doctoral academic programs.


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