Certification: JNCI Certified Technical Writer


The JNCI Certified Technical Writer is one of the most exclusive, rigorous and effective technical writing certification programs in the world today. The certification program is exclusively designed to transform candidates into undeniably qualified technical writers and thought leaders who specialize in developer-focused, API-centered content. Certification is earned through an extensive direct working relationship and one-on-one instruction and training. Testing is deeply rigorous, and continuous assessment occurs exclusively via work collaboration and results.


Candidates cannot apply for certification: this program is offered by invitation only. A small, elite corps of outstanding, trustworthy writers of exceptional character are directly invited to make such a commitment. Certification is a process that typically requires 3-5 years to complete, depending on the candidate’s background and experience. The process of evaluation involves hundreds of hours of direct guidance from and close working relationship with Professor Neiman himself.


Cost: 1.00 USD


The cost is symbolic. Dr. Neiman is passionate about teaching people how to serve the worldwide developer and business community. He is dedicated to ensuring that the highest quality writers are available over time to help ensure the growth and success of software companies.


Certification Program Content








     Methodologies and Supporting






The following prerequisites are evaluated before a candidate is invited to undergo the certification process, and are constantly reassessed and refined as needed throughout the entire program:





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